"I sell the home AND everything in it!"

  • Sutton Group - Kilkenny Real Estate Office: 204-475-9130
  • Sutton Group Fax: 204-477-4361
  • Riley's Cell: 204-227-2047
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Sutton Group - Kilkenny Real Estate Office:204-475-9130
Sutton Group Fax:204-477-4361
Riley's Cell:204-227-2047
663 Stafford St.
Winnipeg, MB
R3M 2X7 CA

A specialist in helping Winnipeg seniors in the downsizing and moving process.


I understand the importance of:


1. Speaking clearly and slowly during our first meeting.  I know that not all information 'sinks in' the first time it is given.  I am prepared to repeat or write down any of the information that I provide.

2. Going slowly when necessary.  This is often a stressful time for seniors and seeing things happen too quickly can leave them with a sense of loss of control.

3.Provide follow ups, and 'touch base' time to time so people stay involved with the process.  Communication is key.

4. Confdentiality.  Your move is your business!  No information will be provided to anyone who doesn't need (or isn't authorized) to know. 

5. Provide comprehensive service.  It is easy for me to appraise and sell the valuables, donate the useables, scrap the unusables, and clean up whats left.  This is what I do!   For seniors ( or anyone really) this is the part of the move that is often the most stressfull.