Manitoba Estate Executor Checklist:

EXECUTOR "DONT'S":           Don't hire an appraiser/Don't sell anything/Don't throw anything out/Don't begin   cleaning up.                      Why not?     Because all these services are included in my homeANDcontents package for FREE!

1. Obtain a Copy of the Death Certificate
The funeral home will provide the initial death certificate; ask for multiple copies as you will need to give some of these away.   You should also ask them to request a Manitoba Death Certificate. Allow people to make copies of this when needed, but don't give it away.  This will be mailed to you from VITAL STATISTICS 204-945-3701.

2. Hire an Estate Lawyer
Preferably one who can handle real estate transactions as well, as this will be needed to transfer a property title. If you need advice on choosing a lawyer, give me a call. I will have some questions about what you need and can recommend the right firm.

3. Get an Assessment on Property and Contents
Both of these I will provide free of charge as part of my homeANDcontents services. You will need these to apply for probate. There are no longer probate fees in Manitoba, but you still need to declare an amount. Typically the contents of a property can be sold prior to the grant of probate, but the property title can't be transferred to new owners until you have it. There are sometimes ways around this, but a lawyer will have to have the final say if its possible in your situation.

4. Inform the Insurance Company the Property is Vacant
Make sure to get in writing how often the property must be checked per week and keep a written log.  It's tempting not to do this, but the house insurance may be voided if something happens and the insurer wasn't notified in advance. 

5. File an Income Tax Return
File from January 1st until the date of death.

6. Inform Employers
Pension and/or insurance maybe in place, so request information necessary for proceeds where applicable.

7. Open an Estate Account
Close all bank accounts that are solely in the name of the deceased within 90 days. Change all information on accounts that are joint.


8. Inform Investment Companies
Anywhere the deceased held assets, such as GIC’s, T-Bills, RRSP’s, Bonds, etc., and get professional investment advice. Finding these can be tricky, but a good place to start looking is at the deceased's last years taxes. 

9. Apply for the Death Benefit
If the deceased paid into CPP, you can be reimbursed for a number of costs.

10. Inform Manitoba Public Insurance (AUTOPAC)
Preferably within 15 days of date of death 204-985-7000. Information on this matter is in the “Policy Guide”, page 29.  You will need a death certificate and likely a probated will to sell a vehicle. Ownership registration can be made at any Autopac outlet.

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