Frequently Asked Questions

How does the homeANDcontents system work?

Unlike most other realtors, I help clients sell and/or donate their unneeded possessions. What I can't sell or donate for a tax receipt, I will recycle or discard. The record so far is $103,000 in sales in a single weekend!  

What are the first steps?

The first step is for the owner and/or family to decide what they are keeping.  Once that is clear, I will handle the rest.

What is the family responsible for?

Once again, the owner and/or family have to decide what they are keeping. It is helpful if the items are physically removed prior to my starting.  I will sell everything I can for as much as possible. I will donate what I cant sell. I will recycle what I cant donate. Finally, I will scrap what I cant recycle.  After the house is cleared out, I have a team of cleaners go through and get it ready for the MLS and the real estate market place. 

What do we do with items of significant monetary value?

My email list of buyers had over 1500 people on it.  Most are from Winnipeg, but I now have dozens of international buyers looking for rare items. The first thing I will do is appraise the items for fair market value.  This way you can see how much is being asked for the major items. 

What if it is a hoarder situation?

I'm asked to help with these all the time.  Firstly I have to determine if there was a mouse or rodent problem.  If so, the house will have to be disinfected first. After that, it is handled like any other collection. 1.Sell. 2. Donate. 3 Recycle. 4. Scrap

What do you charge to do the sale and cleanup?

Nothing.  It is all included my real estate fee.  

How do you get paid?

Solely through my real estate commission. There are no extra fees or charges for the additional services.  

What do you charge?

You will find my fee is in line with other realtors. It is determined mostly by the value of the property.