Free  evaluation

of your homeANDcontents!

Ican let you know what your items are worth in todays market place.  If you want to email me a few photos, I can send you my opinion of value on pretty much anything in the house!  Antiques, fine artwork, jewelry, collectibles, and furniture appraisals. You name it!   If there are too many items to email, we can set up a walk through of the home.  And the best part?  Its free!  There is no extra charge for my assessment.   

Or, if you are interested in a homes value, I'm happy to do a 'walk through' and show you the comparable properties that have recently sold, so you know what to expect.  It's called a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA). Again, there is no extra charge for my assessment.

Alternatively, if you send me the property details in the form below, I can email you out something quick.  

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